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Practising His Presence

‘Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?’ (Psalm 139:7)

What assurance we have knowing that God is always with us.

Through the perfect work of our Lord Jesus Christ, there’s nothing that can ever remove us from God’s loving presence.

There’s nothing you can do, nowhere you can go, where God’s grace is not readily available to help you.

Yet, we sometimes fail to realize what a great gift we have.

We get so buried in our daily affairs that we sometimes neglect His presences.

Take some time today to acknowledge Him again.

It may seem repetitive at times, but that’s usually due to our restless flesh wanting to scurry about again.

Rest awhile. Enjoy His presence. Pay attention to His quiet promptings.

Take a little time to be still in God’s loving presence. Feel His embrace. Hear His sweet promises to you.

Let His presence go before you.

You’ll find that the day seems easier and the path feels smoother.

Be Greatly Blessed!


Father, thank you for always being with me.

Help me to become more aware of your wonderful presence all around me.

Open my eyes to pay attention and acknowledge you here with me in all I have to do today.

I want to live in the gift of each moment with you.

Bless you Lord. I love you.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,



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Additional Thoughts:

God is not elsewhere. He is with us in every moment and every place. There is nowhere we can go from His presence.

However, we may not always be aware of His presence. We become so preoccupied with our own activities and so overwhelmed by the happenings and pace of our lives that we cease to pay attention to His movements. We need to wake up to the God whose presence is closer than our next breath.

Practising God’s presence is a way of living in a deeper awareness of His activity in our lives. This is a holy habit that many of us neglect.

But through many small pauses, we can begin a habit of turning our heart towards God. Through these simple acts of paying attention, we express our desire to live constantly in union with Him.

When we are cooking, cleaning, driving, before answering the phone, hanging washing, whatever the task we are engaged in, we can quietly say, ‘Here I am Lord in your presence, help me listen deep inside to you.’

Practising His presence means we acknowledge the sovereignty of God and His intimate involvement in our lives.

However, practising His presence is more about personal relationship than strategy. It is simply a way we love God and acknowledge He is with us in all the many parts of our day.

The more we love our Saviour, the more we will want to stop and thank Him for being with us. Until our daily living is one entire holy communion with Christ. It is a continuous conversation of prayer and praise.

How aware are we of the possibility of meeting God throughout the day?

What then would it be like for us to intentionally seek deeper intimacy with Him?

Imagine being able to smoothly and easily bring ourselves back into the presence of God so that alarming news, a sudden event, a conflict or a heated discussion would not cause any inner turmoil.

These interruptions would be invitations to say, ‘I am here Lord, help me.’

Or we could form our own prayer that helps us enter His presence and pay attention to the God who is always with us.

Pay attention to His presence. Feel His embrace. And revel in His love.


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