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Have You Praised The Lord Today?

‘Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them.’ (Psalm 69:34)

Beloved, have you praised the Lord today?

It’s time again to remember His goodness.

We can sometimes get so busy with life, that we forget about our Heavenly Father.

We get flustered, feel harassed, and can’t seem to find enough time in a day to get everything done.

Yet, it’s during times like this that we should praise God.

Have you noticed that whenever you start praising Him, your soul gets rejuvenated?

Not only that, but things that were troubling you before, somehow doesn’t seem as serious anymore.

For when you priase God, you shift your focus from you and your problems, to the magnificence of our Lord.

And when you focus on His strength, His steadfastness, His love, you’ll realize that truly nothing is too difficult for Him.

So remember to praise Him.

When things are going well. When things are not going well.

When you’re busy with too many things to do. When you’re bored because there’s nothing much for you to do.

Praise Him. He loves it. He loves you. And He loves to dwell in your praises.

Be Greatly Blessed!


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Father, God of all creation, open my eyes to see more of this wonderful world that you have designed for me to enjoy.

I adore you. Free my spirit to enjoy unfettered praise before you.

Help me to remember you throughout my day.

I’ll keep your praises ever on my lips and in my heart.

Thank you. I love you.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,



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Additional Thoughts:

A golden ball descends gently over a silhouette of the western mountains spilling rays of glorious light over a soft, pink sky. The Artist is unfolding His handiwork to those who turn to look in wonder. It is another divinely crafted evening. The signature of God is generously splashed everywhere. The earth is heavy laden with His wondrous work. God the Artist. God the Sculptor. God the Master Craftsman. All creation is abounding in the glory of God.

And all creation sings in unrestrained praise to Him. It is like a magnificent choir composed of many harmonious voices that together offer up a song of praise to God. Each unique part adds to the whole, bringing a rising voice of adoration. The worldwide choir of believers joins together in explosive praise and adoration. Are we uniting together to play our part in worshipping Him? His majesty is unmistakable. His beauty is evident everywhere to behold in wonder and awe.

God delights to hear our praises. Praise for what He has done, but also, and most importantly, praise for who He is: Our Saviour, our Redeemer, our Lord and our King. We can meditate upon the attributes of God by reading Scripture, but how often in our busy lives do we stop to meditate upon the character of God as we ponder His natural world? Day after day, night after night God reveals more of Himself to us: His power, His love, His care, His order and His perfect craftsmanship. His divine nature and eternal power are clearly seen in creation, and our most appropriate response is to simply lift up our voices and worship Him.

On a starry evening, when the Heavens seem to be bursting with God’s handiwork, fling open a window or the front door and gaze upon His work. Our eyes can feast upon His beauty in the stillness of the night, so that our souls are almost bursting with wonder and praise. Join in a chorus with His whole creation that thrills at His work and sings praises to His name.

Consider what part praise plays in our lives. How can we allow worship to grow? And how might swelling praise and adoration change us to become closer to Him?


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