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Planning Wisely

“A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it! Proverbs 13:16 (NIV).

How many among you plan out your life now? What sorts of things do you plan? Many of you can think of a time in which you didn’t take the proper amount of time to plan something out and the result was less than perfect. And although “perfect” may never happen, it is important to work with the Lord to ensure we are planning things accordingly.

Large events take a lot of planning. Take a wedding for example. If invitations go out very late not many willing people may be able to attend and they may be disappointed. If the venue gets booked late you could end up missing out on important details. What if there was a conflicting event in town that caused huge distractions during the ceremony? The possibilities are endless. But with extra planning many of these situations could be eliminated or reduced.

You don’t have to be planning a large event to gain from the idea of planning however. That is just a more extreme example. Have you ever met someone who bragged about not studying for a test? Couldn’t they have likely been better off planning a study session beforehand?

Although things may have worked out for them this time, it is still much wiser to have a plan. Maybe they are in the small minority of people who can pull it off time after time, but the majority of us could use the planning!


“Lord, help me to plan better. I want to reach my full potential in this life and know I must have your help. Work with me to ensure I have the patience and determination to execute on my plans so that they may be successful.”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

Take the extra time today to make some plans for yourself. Maybe you’ve been thinking about budgeting better, or maybe there is a project you’ve been wanting to start up. Whatever the case may be, taking the time beforehand to plan out your strategy will undoubtedly lead to better results!

Be Greatly Blessed!

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