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Speak To It

“For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” Matthew 11:23

One morning during Spring Break, my dad drove me and my two brothers to a lake that we had never been to before. We were excited because we could fish and swim as much as we wanted to when we got there. We had about fifty miles to go when I looked out the front window and saw that there was a monstrous mountain ahead.

It was not just any mountain, it was the dreaded Red Mountain, known to be especially treacherous. It looked so huge that I did not see how we could ever get past it. I was afraid and it made me feel like our car was the size of a little ant. Perhaps there would be a tunnel through it, or some kind of contraption that would carry us over it. Maybe we couldn’t get past it at all. I wondered what dad would do.

The road curved in front of our car and dad skillfully drove over every inch of it. The mountain seemed to shrink as we climbed higher. Soon we were on top of it looking down at the city below. From that vantage point Red Mountain was beneath us, no longer looming gigantically in front of us. We went down on the other side of this mountain and as I looked out the rear-view window, I saw it fade away. It no longer looked so foreboding, and it was behind us.

We have mountains in our lives that look hugely impossible as we look up at them. These mountains are things that hold us back or distract us from our God-given destinies. Maybe they are financial difficulties, health problems or addictions. Possibly they are mindsets formed from the lies that we grew up hearing. We need to look at those mountains through the lens of Scripture. Let us take a moment now to pray:


“Father, thank You for your Word which addresses and provides for everything about us and the lives we are called to live here on earth. Thank You, Jesus for all that You did for us. Let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds according to your Word.”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

We have to speak to our mountains with hearts full of faith, knowing that God hears and answers our prayers. He has already provided for our victory over every obstacle that we will ever face.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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