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Renewed, Not Gone

“(God) Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s”. Psalm 103:5

When eagles become old their feathers break and their claws wither. In order to live longer they need to transform themselves by molting. The eagle chooses a secure spot when molting begins. It plucks out its feathers and breaks off its beak by pounding it on a rock, and then it rubs off its talons.

At this time, it is anything but majestic and beautiful as it once was. It is dependent on other eagles to bring it food because it is unable to fly or hunt. It is a perilous time for the bird and some eagles die during this painful process. However, those that survive the molting process emerge stronger, sharper and fitter than before.

Like the eagle you have grown older and you have been through a sometimes-painful transformation. Life has made its mark on you. Looking in the mirror, you may feel that your outward appearance has been compromised as you have aged, but it’s a fact that your youth is not over: it is renewed like the eagle’s.

Renewed means that although it is not the same, it takes on a dynamic of its own. Your energies may go in different directions, but your renewed youth holds limitless possibilities.


“Lord, let us not try to be like we were decades ago but help us to embrace life in the present tense. Teach us to fly with those renewed wings.”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

Certainly, before, you did not possess the wisdom that you now have. Your youth is renewed like the eagle’s and you have emerged from the transformation a stronger, wiser person, able to help others who are going through what you have been through. You have simply changed strength for strength, and are no more diminished today than you have ever been. Truly renewed, but certainly not gone.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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