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“We each had a dream in one night, he and I. Each of us dreamed according to the interpretation of his own dream.” Genesis 41:11

You have a dream. I have a dream. What is it? Is it a thing in our minds that we want? A desire in our hearts? All of us have a passion that determines and fuels our dream. Think with me for a moment about what must transpire for a beautiful butterfly to emerge strong and free from its former not-so-beautiful state. It all starts with the egg. The same is true of our dream: it begins with the egg.

This is a thought of what we really want, that thing that makes us feel completely alive and gives us much joy. It is something that lines up with our gifts and talents. All that the thought (egg) does is sit there and grow.

After some days a caterpillar breaks open the shell and sheds the egg. What does the caterpillar do once out of the egg? It eats! With a voracious appetite, it consumes mass quantities of food as its whole job now is to grow. Likewise, when our thought (egg) develops to the caterpillar (growing) stage, we must feed it with all of the knowledge and training that we can possibly acquire. We read books, take classes, attend seminars, study, study, and study some more. Just like that little caterpillar, as we eat, we grow, and we gain strength.

When the caterpillar has gained sufficient size and strength, it spins a cocoon all around itself where it will incubate safely for a while, secure from any outside harm or influence. While in the cocoon stage, the caterpillar undergoes a major transformation and a metamorphosis occurs. It becomes something completely new and different as everything in its life up to this point blends together to form the final result. Our dream develops in us the same way. All our gifts, talents, desires, knowledge, and training come into play to make us totally new and prepared for the manifestation of our dream.


“Lord Jesus, thank you for the beautiful example of the metamorphosis of the butterfly. That is so like the transformation that happens to us when we open our heart and invite You to live there. We will meditate on this process.”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

We know what comes next. The gossamer butterfly, long known as the symbol of resurrection, emerges from its temporary cocoon-home and gracefully wafts it way heavenward. The development of our dream is like that as it moves from the first thought (egg) to the final realization (butterfly).

We hear, we learn, we transform and then we emerge. It is true in the physical and in the spiritual. So, let’s meditate on the egg and then gorge ourselves on the things that will bring about the dream. After a period of incubation our dream will become a reality. It is God’s design.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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