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Anxiety And Vices

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” Luke 12:25 (NIV).

Take a moment right now to think about what worries you. Has there been something lurking in the back of your mind? Has there been something keeping you up at night? What about that thing scares you the most? We can work with the Lord to solve our problems, so let’s do that now!

Anxiety can be self-supporting. It can even multiply itself as you continue to think about it. As this passage states, there is nothing about anxiety that will add any time to your life. We have to look at what is making us anxious and consider what we can do to resolve our problems now.

Many people turn to coping mechanisms that might temporarily relieve symptoms but also have negative side effects. For example, excessive drinking or smoking might provide a distraction, but are you really fixing the issue? What other options and channels do you have? For those with vices of their own, let us think about that for a moment. That is certainly easier said than done, but for those today who are struggling with more serious problems, may this be a moment of clarity for you to reach out.

Know that you are loved. The Lord cares about you! Isn’t that good to know? There are many others of his children that do as well. So let’s speak to him now about our anxiety. May he provide you with the help and strength that you need.


“Lord, please help me to work through the things that give me anxiety. Please give me the strength to address these problems and also seek help when I need it. Through your strength all things are possible! Help me to overcome the vices that do nothing to improve my life”.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Final Thoughts:

Through the Lord all things are possible. For those of you with anxiety now, may be grant you strength and clarity to deal with your problems head on. May you find peace in His ways. If you find yourself struggling, keep trying! Pray to the Lord about your struggles and the struggles of others.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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