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One Father, One Family

‘For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name.’ Ephesians 3:14-15 (NIV).

Family are those who have been related to us in the past, those who are related to us now and those who are related to us in the future after we have left this earth. Our descendants, past, present and future are connected to us as we share the same genealogy and name.

Likewise, the family of God includes all the saints who have believed in God in the past, all those who believe in Him today and all will believe in Him in the future. But what makes believers family is not our name or parental heritage. We are all a family because we have the same Heavenly Father. He is the source of all creation, the rightful owner of everything and everyone.

God promises His love and power to His family, the church. In Ephesians 3 Paul tells the family of God in Ephesus that God’s love is deeply intimate and far-reaching. That it is enduring and inclusive. It is an endless love beyond measure that transcends our understanding and is poured into every one of His children so that they will be overflowing with the fullness of God.


‘Heavenly Father, thank you for the worldwide family that you have called me to be a part of.  Help me to honor this call by being united and supportive of the family of believers who you delight to bless with your indescribable love.’

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,



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Final Thoughts:

However, if we want to receive the Father’s blessing towards His family, we must stay in connection with that family. Those family members who cut themselves off from their relations, and attempt to go it alone, will miss out on the blessing our Heavenly Father intends for His family as a whole.

A united church family receives a united blessing from God. The power of God’s love pulsing through an entire family, not just a single lone individual, is a combined force that will demonstrate convincingly His extravagant love to a Godless world. Let’s stay together honoring God the eternal Father of our ageless and expanding family.

Be Greatly Blessed!


Enjoyed This Post? Please Help Us To Share It With More People!