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God’s Love Endures Forever

‘The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever…’ (Isaiah 40:8)

Beloved, know today that the promises of God are eternal.

The grass may wither, the flowers may fade, but the Word of God will always be effectual.

Open your heart to His promptings. Listen. For your Heavenly Father is blessing you and declaring His favor upon you.

Look not to temporal things for assurance. Instead, lean onto the everlasting Word of God.

His Word will lift you up. His Word will strengthen you. His Word will see you through whatever circumstances you may be facing.

So keep His promises in your thoughts. Meditate on His Word and let His love renew your spirit.

Be Greatly Blessed!


Father, thank you for your eternal Word.

The Word that continually blesses us and delcares a future full of hope and glory.

Thank you for your patience, your guidance, and especially your unconditional love for us.

Help me to keep your Word in my mind, my heart, and my spirit.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,



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When we see the splendor of green grass, along with the beauty of flowers, we know that they’re both subject to withering away, and drying up. The passage of Isaiah 40:8 brings to mind a bold comparison, along with a powerful message. A message that speaks to our hearts. Isaiah acknowledges the beauty of nature in all of its glory, but at the same time, He’s saying that it’s nothing compared to God’s glory in terms of its lasting endurance.

Of course, keeping in mind, that our Lord, is the Creator of such “beauty” for He is the One who brought the grass and flower into existence. He is the One that endures forever. He is the One that will last through all the ages.

He has been with us since the beginning of time, and will be forever more. As our Lord has so beautifully stated in Revelation 1:8 (KJV) : “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty” So it is in all that we see and all that we do. Everything in existence is because of Him…and Him alone.

God has been there for His children throughout the ages. He’s been there for us then, and He is here for us now. His love, and mercy, transcends throughout time, and His faithfulness is ours, as evidenced by His patience, and forgiving hands of grace, regardless of what we’ve done, and no matter who we are, He is always ready to forgive us, there is no limit to His forgiving us.

He nourishes us as we feed on His word daily. He lifts us up when we’re down, and He guides us through whatever life “throws” at us, as He will never leave us, nor forsake us. God not only has strength, but extends that to us as well– “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

We need to “wait upon the Lord” and surrender ourselves to Him, and trust in Him fully. When we do, we will be witness to His magnificent Glory and be fully aware of His love and endurance toward us, His children.


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