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God Is Watching Over You

He surrounded them and watched over them; he guarded them as he would guard his own eyes. (Deuteronomy 32:108)

As you wind up your day, be comforted in the knowledge that God is carefully looking after you and your loved ones.

Can you imagine having the creator of the heavens and the earth as your watchmen?

He’s ever watchful, never negligent nor slumbering. He protects you from all evil, blessing you as you go out and come in.

No detail is too small to be noticed by His loving eyes. No problem is too big for Him to solve.

So rest confidently with God keeping watch. No thief will be able to steal from the beloved of the Lord.

Be Greatly Blessed!


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Action Steps:

Feel safe under the protection of God. He’s constantly watching over you.

No matter what the enemy is planning, He’s already many steps ahead.

He sees the evil one coming from far away and defeats him even before he has a chance of harming you.

God is your watchmen, your protector, your bodyguard.

Be at ease, for your God is watching over you.

Let’s pray…


Father, thank you for watching over me and my loved ones as we prepare to rest.

You are the watchman that never slumbers. The guard that never fails.

No evil can come near me under your watchful eye.

Even if a thousand fall by my left hand, and ten thousand by my right hand, I’ll fear no evil, for you are with me.

No matter what the enemy has planned, I know you’ve already seen it coming from afar off.

With you watching my back, I can be fully at ease.

Praise your Name O Lord, for who is like you?

You take care of every detail in my life. You protect me from harm. You even gave me eternal life.

Because of you, I can feel safe even when I’m surrounded by my enemies.

In you alone will I place my faith. For I know that you’ll never let me down.

You’ll never leave me nor forsake.

So I go into the night in your assuring presence. Enveloped by your loving embrace.

May your praise be in my heart even as my body falls sound asleep.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,