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Experience God’s Mercy

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. (Psalm 136:1)

How amazing is the mercy of God! If not for His mercy, we’d have no hope of redemption. If not for His mercy, we’d all be resigned to a life of hardship, curses, and eternal damnation.

Let’s be clear, God does not owe us anything. He didn’t have to send His Son to die for us. But if God only gave us what we deserved, we’d all be condemned for eternity.

Yet, that’s not what God wants for us.

He wants to show us mercy. He wants to redeem us. He wants to hold us close in His embrace.

It’s because of His mercy that we are now free from all Judgement. It’s because of His grace that we’re now deserving of all His blessings.

So give thanks to the Lord today! Appreciate His mercy, live in His grace, and receive His blessings!

Be Greatly Blessed!


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Action Steps:

It can be easy to forget how great God’s mercy is and take things for granted.

So remember His mercy today. Read through the verses on curses and damnation in the Bible and see how much God has delivered us from because of His mercy, through Jesus Christ.

That is why those verses are there. To help us have a deeper appreciation of God’s mercy, not for us to preach hellfire and brimstone in order to scare people into submission.

See also all the blessings and promises of God. For they are what Jesus gifted us with through the divine exchange on the Cross.

We’ll literally been lifted from the depths of hell into the inner courts of heaven.


Let’s pray…


Father, I’m reminded again of your great mercy and grace.

It’s only because of what Jesus did that I can be redeemed from eternal damnation and all other curses.

I was not deserving, but yet you chose to love me.

You forgave all my trespasses, rescued me from the depths of hell, and lifted me up into your glory.

How can I ever thank you enough Lord? How can I ever love you enough?

While I live and breathe, I’ll continue to praise you and bless your name.

For you alone are deserving of our worship.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,