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Every Knee Will Bow

“at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth,” (Philippians 2:10)

Let’s carry on our previous discussion regarding what it means to pray in Jesus’ Name.

We’ve already established that there is deep meaning in the Name of Jesus. Now, let’s look at the secrets hidden in the ‘alphabets’ of Jesus’ Name.

Unlike the English alphabet, every letter in Hebrew has a meaning in an of itself and is represented by an image.

Jesus’ Name in Hebrew is spelt like this:

The letters are pronounced as “Yod”, “Heh”, “Vav”, “Shin”, “Ayin” (read from right to left).

And within these letters is the secret to answered prayers.

Let’s look at each letter individually…

Firstly, “Yod” is in the shape of a hand reaching down. It’s the Hand that creates, directs, builds and moulds our world. It’s also the hand that gets nailed to the Cross for our sake.

“Heh” is in the shape of a window. It also conveys the meaning of grace. This letter represents what God sees and perceives through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (the window – grace).

“Vav” is shaped like an arm reaching down from a window. It means to nail, hook and secure. It’s a representation of Jesus coming down from heaven to save us, at the cost of being nailed to the Cross. In terms of prayer, it also represents us being secure in the knowledge that what God sees in our lives through grace has come to pass.

“Shin” is symbolized as a tooth. It’s a tooth that devours and consumes. It consumes our sin and all the curses that come along with it.

And finally, “Ayin”, which represents the eye, to watch, to know.

Combined together, we see Jesus reaching down from heaven in Grace, getting nailed to the Cross, consuming all our sins and curses, so we can finally know and be secure in the shalom peace of God and become the person God sees in us through grace.

(Interestingly, the name of God, “Yod”, “Heh”, “Vav”, “Heh”, also has the meaning of “Hand of grace nailed in grace”, which is an amazing prophecy of Jesus’ coming. We’ll look into that in more detail in future posts.)

How does this apply to our prayers?

Well to put it simply, when we pray in the Name of Jesus, we’re in effect creating what we’re praying for by seeing it as it is through the window of God’s grace, being secure in the knowledge that our prayers have already been answered, that all the unwanted curses and sins have been consumed through Jesus’ work, so we can watch and see the wonders of God come to pass in our lives.

Can you see the power in that? Effectively, every curse and sin have already been consumed by Jesus. And everything you need has already been given to you through Jesus. Simply ask in His Name, and you have it.

For truly, at the name of Jesus every knee will bow. It has the highest authority both on earth and in heaven.

Sin will bow at Jesus’ Name. Sickness will bow at Jesus’ Name. Poverty will bow at Jesus’ Name.

All the curses, all the evil in the world have no choice but to bow at His Name.

So whatever you’re praying for today, know that your prayer has already been answered. See your situation as God would see it through the Grace of Jesus Christ. And pray with the full authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be Greatly Blessed!


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Action Steps:

The Name of Jesus is truly powerful and full of meaning.

Use it wisely and with reverence.

Appreciate every letter in Jesus’ Name.

When you pray, see things as it is through God’s grace and rest secure in the knowledge that your prayer has been answered.

Let’s begin…


Lord, what a wonderful, beautiful Name we have in Jesus.

Not only does it represent your grace, love, and sacrifice for us, it also shows us the way to having our prayers answered and living in your blessings.

I know today Lord, that all my prayers have already been answered.

I rest in the knowledge that Jesus’ work has been completed.

All that I ask in Jesus’ Name has been done for me and given to me.

I now live in the Light of Christ.

Glory be to your Name Lord. For truly every knee will bow at Jesus’ Name and every tribe will proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,